Friday Flowers

Xmas Orchids

Good morning! We’re having a milder one today, with fog but no rain so far. At least I’m no longer worried about snow as my car got its winter tires yesterday.

Speaking of winter, these lovely orchids look pretty wintery to me, they’re on a sideboard at my friend’s house. She took the white bowl to her florist who made this beautiful arrangement. Very fitting with this coming Sunday being the first Advent Sunday.

My plans for the weekend are cooking, cooking, and cooking. I think I just got back my food photography bug this month, and I’m looking forward to taking food pics this weekend. For tonight I invited my sister to dinner, we’ll catch up and ring in the weekend – at least for me as she has to work tomorrow.

Hope you have nice plans as well & much fun!


Weather's A-Changing


Weather’s A-Changing


{Belated} Friday {Non-}Flowers

2016 Adventskranz

I didn’t manage to post any Friday Flowers yesterday, so today I’m showing you what I made at the Advent Workshop yesterday.

The florist showed us five different types of decoration, then we could choose which one(s) we wanted to make – be it recreating hers 1:1 or adapting from her designs.

I saw this super cute kind-of-wreath, the basics of which were what you see above, the outline of trees (made from coconut fibre), and the colours of the show piece were light green and white. As I had brought my own candles I adapted my decorations according to their colours, and I chose a larger basic design. With this one the pointy bits of the star shape were purposely unevenly drawn, so don’t go thinking I messed up mine ;-) .

What I hadn’t anticipated was that it wasn’t as easy to do as the florist had made it seem – except for my friend who shared a work bench with me and was done in no time. I had hardly begun cutting out my star from a piece of wallpaper and then sticking some unwieldy wiring onto it, when I thought: Why on earth did I have to choose this design!?

However, the lovely and very charismatic florist went around the work tables and helped us out (a lot in my case), and everything turned out OK in the end.

Afterwards I said to my friend that this florist stuff definitely was not my forte; she pointed out other things I was good at, though, and I had to agree.

I’ll definitely be giving one of the other workshops offered a try at some point, though, as it was a fun and creative evening.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


A Nomination…

…for the Liebster Award and things you probably never needed to know about me :-D .

I don’t normally participate in Award activities, but when I got a nomination notification from Ines’ of IMonnetPhoto, I looked at her post and liked her answers to the questions posed to her when she was nominated as well as the photos she added and the questions she in turn posed to her nominees.

As I said, I don’t usually do awards, but I read/look at tons of blogs that I all like, so I won’t nominate anyone in particular. If I follow you, I like your work, and if you don’t see me as a follower in your Reader that’s probably because I subscribe to a lot of blogs via RSS or actively go there.

So thank you very much for the nomination, Ines, and here are the answers to your questions.

❔ How/Why did you become interested in photography?

I became interested in photography through food blogging. I’d never been interested before, but I knew having a food blog without pictures would be a no-go. While supplying pictures to go with the recipes was a necessary evil in the beginning, I quickly caught the photography bug.

2014 November in pics 12

❔ What’s the first photo you published on your blog?

My first post on this photo blog was for a series on trees. Looking back at it is a real GAAAAAAH! WHY!? moment…

Trees 01

The first picture on my food blog, which I started before this photo blog, was a picture of my dinner table when I had guests. (Luckily…) I can’t even find the original.

❔ Do you photograph mostly to document moments or to be creative?

I’d say to document little details of daily life.

2014 Feb in pics 27

❔ What’s your favorite time of the day to take photos?

9 – 11 am and 2 – 4 pm

Apple Tree Branch

❔ Where do you get inspiration to photograph?

It’s mostly food photography that inspires me – and I get that from the incredible number of food blogs on the internet.
As for other types of photography, I admire it more than it inspires me as it’s usually not the kind of photography I want to or can do.


❔ If you could spend a day with a famous photographer who would it be?

I have to honestly say that right off the top of my head I can’t even name any famous photographers. I’ve never had a famous photography role model.
Having said that, I’d probably like to spend a day with a good food photographer and food/prop stylist.

Empty Plate + Props

❔ What is your favorite camera to shoot with?

My current Nikon D300. I love the thing and dread the day when I need to replace it. Fingers crossed that won’t happen anytime soon!

❔ What was your last purchase photography related?

Funnily it’s almost the same item Ines bought – a BlackRapid RS7 Strap.

❔ Do you have a camera bag?

Yes, I do. I used a small Crumpler bag for a few years (because it fit all my requirements and was available in green :-) ); I upgraded last year to a larger Crumpler model (in red) because I take more lenses with me now when I go out.

❔ What photography book would you recommend?

I have only ever read one photography book – Hélène Dujardin’s Plate To Pixel (which is no longer in print). For me it was mostly a confirmation that I was doing things right, but it’s definitely recommendable if you’re a beginner in food photography.

2014-01-02 Goals

❔ Do you print your photos?

Since I bought a little postcard printer in 2013, I’ve printed quite a lot. Sometimes I just print a current favourite to stick it on my fridge door, I also printed pics of my first big vacation in years, and I’ve printed 2 postcard booklets for friends.


Rereading this post just before publishing it, I was a bit astonished to realise that in my answers food photography is the thing that comes up most. I guess it’s still my passion…

This was actually fun to do, so thank you very much again, Ines!

If you haven’t made the acquaintance of Ines yet, go check out her blog IMonnetPhoto!



Between Worlds


Between Worlds


Friday Flowers

FF - Hydrangea Head 01

I was a bit extremely grumpy at the beginning of this week. At the moment it’s very hard for me to get up in the morning, but I still made an effort to get up even earlier than usual. This made what happened seem especially unfair and annoying to me when exactly 8 minutes after leaving home I was stuck in a traffic jam, in a place where there is no way out. So I made it through until the first opportunity where I could change routes but it still took me 1 hour to get to work when my normal driving time is 25 minutes max. On the way home the same day it took me 2 hours, which took my grumpiness to an extreme.

I vowed to get up at 6 the next day, take a different route, and make it to work in under 30 minutes. Luckily it worked and all grumpiness has been gone since then. I realised I even like getting up when all is still pretty much quiet outside – unless you’re on the motorway – and I managed to keep to this early schedule all week. Hope I’ll be able to see this through for the rest of the year. Speaking of which – only 42 days until Xmas!

On to the weekend: I don’t have too much planned except meeting my photography friend E on Sunday morning to go explore Stuttgart-West. Since we started meeting for these photography outings we’ve been to Stuttgart-Süd twice and to Stuttgart-Ost. The West is very nice so I’m glad we’re finally getting around to that, which will then leave the North; not sure about that, though, with regards to photo opportunities but you never know. Also, I learned a few weeks ago that my friend will be moving back to the US in February next year, earlier than planned, so I have to make the most of our little trips because I’ll be without a photography buddy soon…

OK, on to the flowers now. Bought an assortment of flowers and greenery at the market last week with the intention to create something I’d seen online. It didn’t really work, so I divided up what I’d bought and arranged everything in two vases. Not fancy but I like the colours, and I love those huge hydrangea heads.

Next week I’ll be going to a workshop called Blaze of Lights, which sounds quite fancy but is really a workshop on how to make your own advent decorations with greenery, candles and… we’ll see what else when I get there; I’m looking forward to it.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Happy Friday!

FF - Hydrangea Head 02


The Tower At Killesberg Park {Stuttgart}

Killesburg Turm 04

After my visit to a local park – Höhenpark Killesberg – last Friday, I realised I’d taken more pictures of the tower there than intended. This actually made me look up the history of the tower for the first time, and here is what I found out:

  • Opened 2001
  • Built on the highest spot in the park
  • The steel net construction is still considered bold today
  • Owned by an association that has taken up the cause of improving the city scape
  • 42 m high
  • 4 platforms
  • 2 contra-rotating staircases
  • 348 steps
  • The association was able to build and finance the tower through sponsorships – each step has been sponsored by local people and carries a small plaque with the sponsor’s name. The idea was to secure 40 % of the building costs through this initiative; the price of a single step was 1,800 DM, and after 1 year 150 steps had been sponsored. For the remaining steps sponsors had already been found during the building phase, which means there’s not a step to be found without a sponsor’s plaque.
  • The tower has received 3 awards: for “good building”, “exemplary building” and a prize awarded by the German architects association of Baden-Württemberg
  • This is the second tower for this park; the original one was planned in 1939 and was finally built and donated by an elevator company in 1950 as a glass and steel construction; hence, the way to the top was not by stairs but by elevator. The tower was torn down in 1974 for being both dilapidated as well as being considered unsightly.
  • Needless to say, you can see far across the city.
Click on any pic to start gallery



Decay - Fringed Gerbera 08

Beauty In Decay

Beauty In Decay


Quote - Shoes Off


Take Off Your Shoes


End Of Season


End Of Season


(Not Really) Friday Flowers

Flying Leaves 02

Although I did buy flowers at the market today, by the time I got home and assembled what I had bought in two vases it was too dark to take pictures. So I decided to go with one of the pictures I took earlier in the day.

Around lunch time I decided to revisit the park I went to in August with a photography group. It was a beautiful day with a blue sky. On entering the park I tried to shake off all negativity that was hanging around me like a dark cloud, and it worked pretty fast on seeing the colours and beauty around me.

I started taking pictures and saw a few leaves falling, not even attempting to catch them on camera, though, because I thought it wouldn’t work. It would need way more leaves, like someone shaking the tree, to make a real go of it.

And what do you know!? Suddenly a gust of wind blew through the trees around me, and it felt and looked like someone was indeed shaking trees – I felt like a child at the fairground, looking up, my finger on the shutter release, clicking constantly.

After this enjoyable trip I met my mother at the Friday market, then we went to have our last ice cream for this year at the Italian ice cream parlour which closes its doors in a few days until spring.

I hope you had an equally enjoyable day. Happy weekend!


Decay - Fringed Gerbera 07

Beauty In Decay

Beauty In Decay


2015 October In Pictures

:oops: This is a little embarrassing… I knew I hadn’t taken that many pictures in October, but I hadn’t realised I’d taken so few either. Skipping this monthly review wasn’t an option for me, though, so this October gallery consists mainly of pumpkins, foliage and food. And no worries – I’ve made a mental note about my picture taking discipline for this month, so hopefully something like that won’t happen again…

How was October? I have to honestly say that I can’t remember much; maybe because I haven’t been anywhere apart from the pumpkin festival and a Halloween party. I spent a lot of time inside, especially as the weekend weather wasn’t really inviting enough to go outside through most of October. The foliage I saw on the way to and from work was beautiful, though, but I either didn’t have my camera with me or left work when it was already dark, so no pictures.

The Halloween party I went to on Saturday was super. I was dressed as the zombie tooth fairy and had lots of fun. On parking my car I saw my friend was already waiting there for me in his monk outfit wearing a horror mask, a zombie walking up to him; a ninja sneaked past and I waited for him to skedaddle before leaving the car. I kept an eye on the monk and the zombie so they wouldn’t be able to scare me once I left the car, when I heard a knock on the driver’s side window. I looked, saw the ninja and SCREAMED, throwing myself sideways onto the passenger seat in the process. Then I was laughing my head off and the rest of the scary figures outside couldn’t keep their scary faces anymore either :-) . Great start to a great party.

So, welcome to the month in pumpkins!




Halloween 2015


Friday Flowers

Friday Flowers LB

A belated hello on this last Friday of the month! I took this picture last weekend at the gardens of a nearby Residental Palace where an annual pumpkin festival took place. It was an unusually beautiful and warm day with 20°C after a week of 5°C, and it was great to walk in the gardens. The autumn theme there consisted of mauve to dark lilac flowers, which looked incredible all mixed together; unfortunately we arrived there at noon with the sun blasting down and not exactly favourable light for photography.

As for the past week – it seemed like I had just adjusted to being in my home time zone when the clocks were turned back and everything seemed off kilter yet again. I’ve just been incredibly tired these past weeks and just wished I could sleep in every morning when the alarm sounded. And wouldn’t you know it, on my day off today I woke up at 7 a.m. wide awake. I think some cosmic thing is playing a joke on me ;-) .

What’s on for the weekend? I promised to make two batches of Halloween macarons for a party I’m invited to tomorrow; I’ll be going as the zombie/evil tooth fairy, and I hope while I’m at the party doing my fairy thing, a real fairy will make its way to my home and clean the place up. Calling on all cosmic forces to make this come true :-D .

Have a great weekend!


Quote - Perfect Memory


Perfect Memory


Friday Flowers

Friday Flowers pink rununculus

Good afternoon! Instead of the weather/the sun brightening up my day, these spring flowers dug from my archives will have to do the job. I can still see myself on that sunny morning taking the picture in between sitting on the couch reading and making (more) coffee.

I’ll definitely have to buy more flowers this weekend, something seasonal yet bright, because I’m sure I’ll be spending more time on the couch, albeit with artificial light instead of the sun’s rays.

This past week we’ve had sunshine only twice, in the afternoon when most everyone was at work; all the other days including the weekend were overcast with not a single ray visible; which is a bit sad as I was so hoping for “proper” autumn weather. I don’t mind if it’s nippy outside and the air is crisp but I’d like to have some sunshine to go with that.

My plans for the weekend are to go pick up my lens that I took to the camera shop last week (yes, I finally got that done!); the news on the lens is that the autofocus is irreparable as it’s an  old lens. Guess I’ll have to get used to manually focus this particular one. Then I’ll be going to the annual pumpkin exhibition at the grounds of a close-by residential palace. Always wanted to go there but never made it, so fingers crossed it’ll happen tomorrow.

Apart from that, I’m still doing lots of practicing with what I’ve learned at the food photography workshop, so I’ll be baking on Sunday and hopefully get all that practice in.

What are your plans for the weekend?


Ingredients {Mint}

Ingredients - Mint

Mint is by far my favourite herb. I bought two small tubs last year and they survived on the balcony over winter. Then in spring a colleague dug up a mint plant in her garden and I got a cutting. It’s still growing nicely, and I’ve been adding it to lots of drinks and dressings this last summer.

The bunch you see in the pictures I bought at the market. The new guy at the stall looked around helplessly when I said I’d take the whole huge bunch and he had to go check with his boss if it was OK to sell it all at once…


Decay - Fringed Gerbera 06

Beauty In Decay

Beauty In Decay