February Forest Walk – Trees

Welcome to my very first post on my photography blog. Running two food blogs, I am by no means new to blogging, but I’m definitely a little nervous entering into a domain I am less experienced in than in the kitchen.

Giving me the final kick I needed to dare doing this was this post by Sarah Takes Pictures because I also love taking walks in the woods, something that’s fairly new to me, too.

My intention is to show all kinds of pictures here – nature, objects, food. At the moment I’m quite interested in taking pictures of plants, especially what some people might see as boring dead plants. So this post mentioned above got me to take a walk in a nearby forest equipped with rubber boots and camera, both my Point & Shoot and my Nikon (see my ABOUT page for camera info.) For the first half hour I felt a little weird what with people looking at me strangely – at least that’s how it felt to me – while I was clicking away like a maniac. Thankfully I quickly got over that and felt more relaxed snapping away. And before I knew it, one and a half hours had passed before I went home a happy snapper.

I only have sort of a plan on how to run this blog, how many pictures to show in a post, so I decided today would be part one of a little February Forest Walk series, starting out with Trees.

As most everyone does, I appreciate commenting, including constructive criticism!

So here’s the first installment of my February Forest Walk – Trees

The first two were shot with my Nikon, the other two with my point & shoot. All four pics are of the same tree.

This tree was the first thing I encountered that I wanted to take a picture of, because the heading “Bad Hair Day” sprang to mind…


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