Destination Unknown

On day two of our girly weekend my friend wanted to take me to a moor in the Black Forest. Sadly, the moor was closed to visitors due to remaining snow and too many people having slipped on ice.

So we decided to drive along the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse, a scenic route through the Black Forest, and take a long walk there. As ill luck would have it, there were still about 60 cm of snow to the side of the road, with no access to the forest walking trails, unless you were on skis.

We then decided to just drive on until we’d find a part of forest that looked accessible and good for walking. And we ended up in… France! The road through the Black Forest leads to Strasbourg, so about an hour and a half later we were having macarons and café au lait in a nice French cafe.

Here are a few photos I took of random things around Strasbourg that just caught my eye as we walked along the river.

Just a little memento to prove we really were in France...

Old warehouse that had no glass left in any of the windows.

I liked this bridge detail because it somehow reminded me of train wheels.

The light bulbs struck me as rather modern compared to the rest of our surroundings.

This red extra door over the cathedral entrance caught my eye because colourwise everything else looked rather monotonous with this huge building.

Dozens of these lights were set into the boards of a bridge we crossed.

I like the mirror image of the houses and lock wall. I wasn't aware of that when I took the picture.

Ground nail holding the bridge over the lock.

Never seen such an extravagant drainpipe before.

Manhole cover (I believe they're called sewer cover in the US), again proving we were in Strasbourg. Quite nice compared to the ones we have over here.

You really need to concentrate on the feather in this shot to see its beautiful detail, and just ignore the bird droppings it's stuck to.

Almost walked past this bike when I decided to take a few steps back and snap the chain details. People were looking at me strangely...


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