To Nap Or To Snap?

My conscience had a difficult choice to make today. Beautiful weather, warm and sunny. Getting home from work at 5 pm parking the car I saw budding trees along the road. Damn, I’d been looking forward to hanging out on the couch with a book and a cup of coffee. Guess my choice is more than obvious as I’m posting this, so the weather won me over. Today’s pics are a mix of Nikon and Point & Shoot.

As usual I have no idea what most of these plants are. I was so absorbed in trying to get a good picture that at one point I felt something like a needle sting in my stomach, then realised the budding bush I was trying to get a good picture of had thorns…

When I looked at the photos on the laptop, I thought one of the buds looked like Yoda. See if you find it and think the same thing!


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