Don’t Keep Your Eyes To The Ground!

Three weeks ago I got my first jogging lesson from a friend. Although I had been looking forward to it, I had also been dreading it because I’m so not the kind of person to get enthusiastic about sports. However, I surprised myself both by doing really well and looking forward to our twice-a-week jog.

One thing my friend tells me whenever we jog uphill is “Don’t look ahead up the hill – keep your eyes to the ground!” Which I did in the beginning, but then realised my eyes were straying to both sides of the path seeing lots of stuff I could take pictures of.

So this morning I walked our jogging path, equipped with my cameras. I decided to walk in the opposite direction so I could avoid the uphill parts and concentrate on what’s in the woods. Surprisingly, it was a totally different perspective, at some points I felt like I had never walked there before, and unfortunately I couldn’t exactly remember where I’d seen what. There was also a lot of wood cutting going on today, so a lot of the logs I might have seen stuff like shelf fungi on were already hacked to pieces.

Nevertheless, I got a few shots that I’m quite content with. What you see below is a mixture of shots from my Nikon and my Point & Shoot, hence the difference in colour.


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