Cherry Blossom

Last week I made a plan to go into the city early Sunday morning, to a part of town that’s a little higher up with a view over the whole city. I went there last year on a whim, just driving around, and got out of the car because the weather was nice and I hadn’t been in that area before. To be living there in the fab houses requires a vast amount of money, but it’s nice to have a look around.

This time I strolled along the street, and it was mainly the budding plants and a few stone and wrought-iron details that caught my eye. The weather was fantastic, and the prettiest pics I managed to take were of these two cherry trees.

I have to admit that looking at the pics I wasn’t 100 % certain the first two weren’t apple blossoms. I conferred with my extremely knowledgeable gardening friend, we googled apple and cherry blossoms, compared, and came to the conclusion they are indeed cherry blossoms. If anyone looks at these pics and thinks they’re not, let me know!


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