Is It Time For Peonies Yet?

This time last year a friend and I went on a three-day retreat to a yoga place housed in a former monastery. Within the monastery walls we found a sun garden to just lounge around in, beautiful orchards, and a medicinal herb garden. In the latter I found these peonies that were just being watered by the sprinkler system. I remember having to keep an eye on the sprinkler and time every shot in order not to get watered myself… (And I just realised that this sprinkler business has run through the last few posts like a common thread, but I assure you it was unintentional!)

We’re planning to visit the yoga place again this summer, so hopefully I’ll come back with more pictures, although I guess we’ll be too late to see the peonies in bloom.

Incidentally, the pictures I took there made me realise what my point & shoot could do, and it got me interested in photography (other than food).


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