Bringing Spring Into The House – Freesia

The volatile April weather is reaching into May here. With three days of 27°C behind us, we’re expecting a cold weekend again. How unfair is that – looking out of your office window to see the sunshine, then having another cold weekend, making it look like the weather’s mocking us. As I’ll be travelling this weekend, I won’t be buying any more flowers to brighten it up, though.

But here’s the other bunch of flowers I bought last Saturday, freesia. Not something I’d usually go for, but they were bundled up with some lovely greens mixed in, and I knew just where I wanted to put them. This vase is made from three bottles glued together and a piece of string tied around them. Very easy to make yourself, actually, although I did buy it.

As usual, difference in colour is due to using two different cameras.


3 thoughts on “Bringing Spring Into The House – Freesia

  1. Again, I’ve never grown Fressias. Right now I’m missing a fabulous garden I used to have in SE London. There, I grew around 50 differing colours of Foxglove. Partly as they used to self-seed everywhere. The smell during May into June…heavenly.

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