Being Prepared – Cape Daisies

Yesterday morning I went into the city extremely early to get some rhubarb for making jam. I was on a mission, woke up before my alarm, left home at 8:15 and was back by 9:00. Being early was necessary, otherwise the crowds can get unbearable.

On my way back to the car I walked past the plant section and on a whim bought a cape daisy, a carnation of which I’ve forgotten the name, and a moss rose. I knew I’d have to get my balcony in shape before being able to display them there, the balcony balustrades needed a serious cleaning, and that’s how I spent the next couple of hours.

I would have needed to make these preparations anyway because next week I have an “appointment” with my friends. For my birthday last month they gave me a Pimp My Balcony voucher. Yay! I get to choose the plants, will not have to carry the sacks of planting earth from my car to the flat, and I won’t even have to do the planting either. The whole thing will be overseen by my friend the gardening expert aka the Gardening Queen. I am so looking forward to that event!


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