A Peony For Your Thoughts

Back to peonies so soon after the last post – but it is the season. The other week I bought a bunch of 3 at the local supermarket, their pretty round heads still closed tightly. A few days later the first one opened, and proceeded to do so until it was in full bloom. The second opened only halfway, and the third one looked like it had one eye open, checking whether it was worth opening the other eye. Apparently it wasn’t, as it stayed in that sad state.

When the fully open one started to lose its first petals, I decided to rip apart gently pluck the petals off the other two and put them in glasses – they were quite fragrant and made for a lovely coffee table display.

I had been taking pictures from the day I bought them to the day they died, because I was playing with the aperture and shutter settings – hoping to learn by doing… Then I thought about doing a Life And Death Of A Peony post, but I guess I found that too boring and decided to rather show you their second life as coffee table decoration.


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