Pimp My Balcony

As I mentioned a few posts ago, one of my birthday presents was a Pimp My Balcony voucher from my friends.

I usually start sowing herb seeds in March and buy plants around May. Then everything’s ready for me to either watch grow or enjoy looking at. This year, however, I was a little lethargic. Since I’m friends with a veritable Gardening Queen, I felt for the first time that I’d need to think this planting thing through. In previous years I just bought what looked nice, with total disregard of the respective plant’s maintenance requirements. If it survived – great. If not – buy another one.

So I was especially happy about this present, and had a great time at the garden center last week choosing the plants. With four people helping it only took about two hours until everything was done. And here are the results.


5 thoughts on “Pimp My Balcony

    • Thank you! Today was actually the first day since planting all this stuff that the weather was good enough to hang out on the balcony and enjoy it all…

    • Yes, they’re edible! Purple is basically the first colour in their growing process – they’ll soon turn yellow, then go orange and then reach their final colour red.

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