Today I feel the need to say thank you to my friend I  who’s also my running coach.

I started out at the beginning of March this year, running in intervals. The first week began with 2 minutes running – 1 minute walking. The last interval in that series was supposed to be 30 minutes running – 5 minutes walking. I realised after the first run that I didn’t need the 5 minutes, so for the last 4 weeks I’ve been running for 1 hour without any walking breaks.

If anyone had told me I’d take up running one day – let alone enjoy it – I’d have declared them crazy. After 3 months I’m still amazed after every run, thinking “I just did that – it seems unreal.”

Tomorrow I’ll have some surgery done on my foot and won’t be able to run for 2 weeks, and I already know that I’ll miss our runs and get antsy.

So I’d like to say a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to my friend I  – for believing that I could do it, for setting up the rule that there’d be no excuse not to go running unless one of us was really sick, and for making the whole thing fun! And – Happy Birthday!


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