Please don’t leaf me

Remember the herbs I planted at the beginning of May and the tiny little basil leaves? Well, they’re not so tiny anymore. Turns out they’re of the giant variety!

Unfortunately it also turns out that some beasts of the crawling variety like my basil – the ghastly things seem to nest inside the leaves and eat their way through it, as you can see by the marbled tracks they’re leaving. I haven’t been able to find out what they are or what to do about them, so I just rip off each new leaf that seems to be infested. Here’s to hoping there will be enough basil left for me after the critters are finished with it…

Luckily the other herbs I planted – rosemary and thyme – are doing well, as are the two I bought – lemon thyme and mint. Especially the mint seems to have doubled its size. I know it has a tendency to do that, but I never had any luck with it in previous years, so I’m especially happy about that.

The weekend before last we had the mother of all storms, and in the middle of a violent downpour I was able to rescue both the herbs as well as the newly planted flowers. Let’s hope we’ve had it with the moody weather…


2 thoughts on “Please don’t leaf me

  1. It’s called something like ‘leaf worm’. Have no idea how to get rid of it, though. I’d try and give the basil a little more space to allow air to circulate freely – besides nipping out infected leaves.

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