Stuttgart City Market

The second photo project I did with my newfound photography friend was going to the Stuttgart city (farmers) market. It’s pretty huge, and if you’re not there before ten you have to face the crowds. Luckily we got there when it just started to fill with people.

I have to admit I might have felt awkward going there by myself with the camera but with a friend it was great. Very inspirational, too, because you see the other person taking a picture of something that you overlooked, or see them taking a picture from a totally different perspective, and then you try that, too.

I did a couple of people shots, too, trying my hand at it. They came out well, but here you can’t just publish people’s pictures without asking them first (you can’t actually take pictures without asking first unless it’s a crowd shot) but I’ll probably do that as step two in my learning curve…

The more time I spent behind the lens the more appealing the produce was, and I would have liked to buy some of everything. In the end I made do with some beautiful berries. So here’s my photographic yield. [Speaking of the lens, I’m still using the borrowed 105 mm macro lens, and all pictures were taken with that lens.]

Go ahead and click your way through the produce, but you better not be hungry…


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