The Apple Tree

I went back to visit a friend’s garden last week, the garden that was mostly non-existent when I first visited it in March this year and posted the Garden Discoveries series.

This time, there was a new lawn, little flower and herb plants, and an apple tree. The tree, however, has yet to be planted because at the time the gardening people came by the owners hadn’t yet determined its final location.

The apple tree is currently sitting in its pot awaiting planting. I almost ignored it as it’s located down some steps and the late afternoon light was fading. And I almost overlooked the one apple it bore.

I can’t really tell you what it is that fascinated me about this tree or the pictures I took. It’s basically just a couple of branches and an apple. But I learned meanwhile that it’s always better to take some pics just in case.

I like the light a lot, the different colours in one and the same leaf, the structure of the leaves.Then again, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder…


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