Goodbye, Summer…

If you live in the Northern hemisphere, like me, summer will soon be over. I was thinking about how many months of the year we spend looking forward to summer, and then all of a sudden it’s over even though it feels as if it has just arrived.

Which in turn made me think about the things I will miss once autumn is here, so I decided to do this little “Goodbye, Summer” Series. Although I will make sure to wear, eat, drink and do all the things I will be missing while summer still lasts and just ignore the fact that this last week looked more like autumn is already upon us. And I’m still counting on a gorgeous Indian Summer.

What will you be missing once summer is gone? Or what are you looking forward to if you live in a place where summer is just around the corner?

I basically wear flip flops around the house all year round. But the feeling of wearing them outside in the sun is something completely different. And I’ll miss it…


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