Goodbye, Summer Herbs…

The basil on my balcony has been gone for a few weeks now, the mint, lemon thyme and rosemary remain. Hope I can make them survive indoors over winter…


7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Summer Herbs…

  1. Hate seeing them go! Really want to bring my herbs in for the winter as well, but I’m not sure if I have the room or available lighting since I live in an apartment and have few windows. I’m lucky to still have a couple months to enjoy them before winter sets in.

      • Yes, I tried to bring mine in last winter and they just got sad and died right up! I would have left them outside had I known our winter was going to be so mild. I have read that bringing them in slowly (a few hours a day, increasing increasing increments) can help them adapt to the lower light better. I’m also putting up some grow lights since I invested in a lemon tree, so hopefully that’ll help.

      • No problem! It’s the exact opposite of putting a plant that has been indoors outside for the first time…hope you have good luck bringing them inside! You could also try taking cuttings to grow inside as well, that way your plants can survive through the winter outside and return in the spring, provided you live in the appropriate hardiness zone.

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