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Have you noticed that so far I have avoided mentioning any vacation pictures since my return? That’s because I shouldn’t have bragged about being sure I would bring back a laptop full of pictures, I really shouldn’t have.

It was quite a disappointment, picture-wise, and I think it was a mixture of my mood, my surroundings, and the weather. I didn’t feel inspired, I was often in a “is it really worth getting the camera out of the bag” mood, and also my attitude towards travelling on my own. There were quite a few things I would have done or gone to see with other people, but couldn’t be bothered to by myself.

I did take pictures, but they’re honestly nothing to write home about. Certainly nothing to go wow over. I’ll be posting a few things but I’ll really have to think about putting them into some kind of context.

I should have written you all a postcard instead of promising you pictures…


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