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Changing Colours

For about six or seven years my living room boasted a blood-red wall in the dining area. For about three years I’ve been thinking about repainting it (or rather having it repainted…) but people kept saying: “Noooo, why? It’s such a great colour!” And my answer was always: “Yes, it is, for you. Because you don’t have to see it every single day!”So since a friend of mine moved house two years ago and had a green wall – painted by the previous owners, so she didn’t know what colour it was exactly – I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect shade of green. And I found it shortly before I went on vacation.

From the beginning it was clear that my sister would do the painting, as that is something I am so not good at, and I actually despise the task. Nevertheless, I helped because none of us are very tall, but one side of the room is over 3 metres high, so we had to put a step-ladder on the dining room table, then one of us would be up there and the other making sure the ladder stayed in place.

The end result is exactly how I had imagined it. Unfortunately, what you see in the pictures is not 100 % the shade it is in reality, but it’s extremely close. And I LOVE that colour. Every time I enter the room I stand or sit there staring at the wall for a bit, and if it weren’t exaggerated, I’d actually jump on the couch a little with joy.


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