Tuesday Triptych: Take Me Home, (Tiny) Country Roads

One of my first trips in England was to the coast. I went to Dartmouth, then decided I wanted to see the open sea and asked for directions. It sounded very easy, not far away, actually I just had to “drive up that hill over there, go on for a bit, and just keep going”… Yes, I definitely couldn’t miss any roads because there was only the one! And “up that hill” was so steep that if you had to stop the car you had to pull the handbrake, or else you couldn’t go on.

Oh boy. What an unrelaxed drive! Almost all the way it was like in the pictures above. There’s only you, your car, and the hedges to your left and right. One single lane, and if you’re lucky there’ll be a little space every few hundred metres for oncoming vehicles to stop and let you pass, or the other way round. And even though you expect someone heading towards you just around every bend, when it actually happens you go “Arrrgh!”.

Still, it did get me to that place by the sea, and I’ll be showing you that later.


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