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Beach Time

On Tuesday I told you about the tiny roads I had to take to get to the beach. Was it worth it? Definitely. It was a pebble beach, so no hanging out in the sand, but still – I love the sea, and it was nice stopping there for a good while.

The drive along the coast road to Blackpool Sands was breathtaking at times, though not because of the roads but because of the view. Unfortunately you could only stop in one or two places to get out and take pictures, and when I did, the picture couldn’t really convey the beauty I saw with my eyes.

A little further on I saw a sign pointing towards a beach café, so that’s where I stopped. The day was pretty cloudy, although mostly not dark ones, and it was a bit windy. The café also had an outside kiosk with lots of picnic tables, and I decided to stay out there and – what else!? – have some tea.

The British are a little tougher with regards to the weather, I know, it sometimes takes just a single ray of sunshine and they will strip off most of their clothes and bathe in it, and there were quite a few who dared walk up to the water and get their feet wet. Not for long, though…

Zooming in on the surroundings of the beach, I saw this house on the cliffs. Wouldn’t I just love to know what that house looks like. I passed the little road leading to it on my drive up the hill later on, but alas, it was a private road. Understandably, I guess, otherwise people like me would be trudging up there and try to get a look in.

I learned the other day from someone else’s photoblog that I really should have stopped in Teignmouth on the way to Dartmouth, because it looks really lovely with a nice stretch of beach. But I’m not complaining, really, because all in all I had a good time, as just being by the sea makes me happy.


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