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Advent Calendar 2012 – It’s A Wrap!

I know that advent calendars are not something that are very common in other countries, but here in Germany they’re one of the nicest traditions we have. Both children and adults can get either shop bought chocolate advent calendars where you open one door every day from December 1 to 24, or a homemade one with little individually wrapped goodies.

Three years ago I helped a friend wrap little presents for her two sons’ advent calendars. While I was busy wrapping I didn’t notice her disappearing, and suddenly she stood behind me with a huge bag – she’d made an advent calendar for me as well. That was a really nice surprise and totally unexpected.

The next year I made her a calendar, too, and it’s become a tradition now. We agreed the items shouldn’t be worth more than 1€ each, but for Advent Sundays they could be a little more, and for the 24th it’d be a “real” Xmas present.

2012 Advent Cal It's A Wrap

A Sunday morning’s worth of gift wrapping…

Meanwhile, we don’t really care if the value of each little gift exceeds 1€, because it’s so much fun picking up things all through the year. You might see something when you’re not expecting it, and it might be more or it might be less than the agreed value. Also, it doesn’t need to be something great or of real meaning, it can be something funny or totally useless, too. It’s the fun factor that counts, especially if you can visualise the other person’s reaction when they unwrap it!

We both always need to make a list for ourselves about which number contains which present, because then when you open yours in the morning you’ll be thinking about your friend and know exactly what she’ll get that day. I won’t need a list this year, though :-).

This year I thought I had started picking up things early, but when I looked into the box I keep the stuff in I almost panicked because I realized I had only picked up 8 things. And I needed 16 more. But it was still fun, and when I picked out the little bags for the gifts to go in, I thought I’d take a picture of each and show it here.

So as of tomorrow, for the next 24 days you’ll be getting advent calendar surprises as well. Hope you’ll enjoy this little photo project and have a little fun, too!

2012 Advent Cal DHL Box

DHL has quite nice shipping boxes this year…


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