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Advent Calendar 2012: 24-24

2012 Advent Cal 24a

2012 Advent Cal 24bWhenever my friend visits and we go shopping, one of us is bound to find a handbag which we then consider buying. Sometimes we’re reasonable and rational and admit we have too many handbags already. My friend took up sewing as a hobby earlier this year, and one of the first things she wanted to sew was a bag, so I bought her this book on sewing all kinds of bags. In the hope that she’ll make one or the other for me, too… 🙂

Click here for the story on this Advent photo project.


2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 2012: 24-24

    • Thank you 🙂 Maybe next year I should post about the advent calendar I received from my friend. This year there were lots of lovely and funny things in there… Also it felt strange this morning not to get up and open a little packet, guess I’ll miss Advent season, too.

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