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Advent Calendar 2012 – What I Got

After my Advent Calendar series, where I showed you what my friend received in her Advent calendar that I sent her, I thought I’d complete it by showing you what I received from her.

Please bear in mind that there are some purely fun gifts in there, completely useless, and don’t judge me or my friend when you see them! 😀

AdCal 2012 Gotten 06A box of tissues (which came in handy, as I had caught another cold just before Christmas), a Christmas tree in a can (which just might be grown enough in time for Christmas 2032…), and gardening gloves.

AdCal 2012 Gotten 02A christmassy pot holder, muffin cases, and paper napkins.

AdCal 2012 Gotten 05I first received a single cloth napkin with a note saying “For your next dinner for two.” Which made me think two people would have to share the one napkin. Weird. But then a few days later the second napkin appeared as a separate gift. Plus a little metal tray.

AdCal 2012 Gotten 07A laminated pocket calendar that had a picture of my godson on the other side, a kaleidoscope (I love those!), and a shape balloon (that I haven’t gotten to blow up yet).

AdCal 2012 Gotten 04Cold & flu bath essence, a week’s supply of vitamin products to ramp up my immune system, and another box of tissues. All used up by now, I might mention, as my cold seems to be quite persistent…

AdCal 2012 Gotten 01Okay, this is the stuff I don’t want you to judge us by! A bookmark, a tiara (whatever for, I have no idea), and a pack of Diamonds Are Forever bath salts.

AdCal 2012 Gotten 08

A little wooden frame with a picture of my godson in it, some cool green nail polish, and some very pretty paper clips.

AdCal 2012 Gotten 03Christmassy gift pegs, Winter Chocolate, and  a tree ornament.

No more Christmas stuff from here on out, I promise!


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