Friday Flowers

Bouquet 01

Today’s flowers were still fresh a few days ago. I received them from my manager last week for organising our annual team dinner and not being able to attend due to my tooth surgery.

Although I don’t want to be negative about this, the fact that I’ve been working in the same department for about a decade and have never received flowers before automatically popped into my mind. I guess telling you that would probably indicate that it does bother me, but I can assure you it doesn’t really – it’s just that this was such a lovely surprise.

Bouquet 02
As for the restaurant, everyone loved it and had a fabulous time, and they all said they would go there again.

And there’s a funny story to go with this bouquet, too, that I’m not supposed to know about. Apparently my manager went to the flower shop in his village and said he needed a bouquet. The florist went straight for the red roses – guess that’s what his wife usually gets – but he realised it in time and said “No, no! They’re for my assistant…” 🙂

Bouquet 03

I was about to chuck these flowers out yesterday afternoon (they held for almost two weeks!), then decided to disassemble the lot and take pictures.

Happy Friday everyone, and have a great weekend!

Bouquet 04


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