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Stuttgart Spring Festival 2013

The Stuttgart Frühlingsfest – Spring Festival – is the smaller scale version of the Cannstatter Wasen / Beer Festival in September, which in turn is the equivalent of Munich’s Oktoberfest.

A friend and I went to learn more both about our cameras and about night and light photography. The intention was to snap carnival rides in motion by night. We went on a Thursday night that had summery temperatures until way past closing time, and the aisles between the rides were surprisingly uncrowded (probably because the majority of people were hanging out in the beer tents), so we were able to put up our tripods anywhere we wanted, even right in the middle of the aisles.

We both lugged our tripods around, and I learned two things about myself: the first thing I already knew but am mostly in denial about – I am basically lazy and like taking the easy route. Which in this case means that after a while I just couldn’t be bothered with setting up the tripod and just took pictures without it. Which – as you will see in some of the pictures – did not get me the expected results.

The second thing I realised is that I am a total detail person. I’d already gotten an inkling of that fact during my photo outings with my other photo friend, who is more of a “big picture” kind of person, and I always aim to do more overall/overview shots as well. Then I download the pictures and realise it’s mostly detail shots again. I guess I might just be too lazy to make an effort to change that…

Frühlingsfest 01

Frühlingsfest 02

Frühlingsfest 03

Frühlingsfest 04

Frühlingsfest 05

Frühlingsfest 06

Frühlingsfest 07

Frühlingsfest 08

Frühlingsfest 09

Frühlingsfest 10

Frühlingsfest 11

Frühlingsfest 12

Frühlingsfest 13

Frühlingsfest 14

Frühlingsfest 15

Frühlingsfest 16

Frühlingsfest 17

Frühlingsfest 18

Frühlingsfest 19

Frühlingsfest 20

Frühlingsfest 21

Frühlingsfest 22

Frühlingsfest 23

Frühlingsfest 24

Frühlingsfest 25

Frühlingsfest 26

Frühlingsfest 27

Frühlingsfest 28

Frühlingsfest 29

Frühlingsfest 30

Frühlingsfest 31

Frühlingsfest 32

Frühlingsfest 33

Frühlingsfest 34

Frühlingsfest 35

Frühlingsfest 36

Frühlingsfest 37


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