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A Nice Spice Surprise

Last month I read a food blog post that featured a giveaway by a local company. The pictures showing those little spice pots were gorgeous, and you had to leave a comment about what your current favourite spice was and what you would make from it. Three people’s names would be drawn, and the prize would be vanilla beans plus two surprise spices.

Spices 01

Spices 02

I left a comment saying that lavender blossom was my current favourite because I’ve been meaning to make lavender syrup sometime soon. And what do you know – two days later I was notified I was one of the winners.

Spices 03

Spices 04

Another couple of days later the spices arrived. Even the packaging was lovely – on opening the parcel I found a black box that contained the three spices, and the bottom of the box was filled with dried rose buds. *Sigh*

Spices 05

Spices 06

Apart from the vanilla beans, which smelled heavenly, I got lavender blossom and cinnamon blossom. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen or smelled actual cinnamon blossoms before – I certainly hadn’t, and when I opened the little black jar it was an incredible experience, because I had expected your typical ground cinnamon with its quite strong smell you buy at every supermarket. No, no, no. Those little blossoms had a sweet scent with a hint of cinnamon. Absolutely heavenly. I know I’m raving, but they smell that good. The first few days I stuck my nose in that jar every time I walked by it. I wish you could hold your nose to the pictures and experience the same joy I did…

Spices 07


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