Mercedes Museum Stuttgart

I recently organised a fun event for US colleagues, which took us to the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart. I hadn’t been there before, simply because I’m not really interested in cars. Apart from making comments like “Ooh I like the look of this or that car” I don’t really care about them.

What I do like is the look of vintage sports cars, so I thought I’d tag along to the museum. Naturally I brought my camera. I was surprised that the lighting was really good there, and I managed to get a few shots that I liked. Preferably I would have loved to climb into one of those cars, get really close, but of course that’s a no-go…

When we got to the Formula 1 racing car area, I said to a colleague that I wouldn’t mind getting into one of those and go a round. I changed my mind after getting into the race car simulator, though! My colleague had her hand hovering over the emergency button, and a fair amount of swearing was going on from my side. The simulator takes you through all eras of racing, finishing with a simulation of racing through Monte Carlo in a Formula 1 car. I really hope those race car drivers get paid enough money – I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, or rather in their seats…

MB Museum 01

MB Museum 02

MB Museum 03

MB Museum 04

MB Museum 05

MB Museum 06

MB Museum 07

MB Museum 08MB Museum 10

MB Museum 11

MB Museum 12

MB Museum 13

MB Museum 14

MB Museum 15

MB Museum 16

MB Museum 17

MB Museum 18

MB Museum 19

MB Museum 20

MB Museum 21

MB Museum 23


3 thoughts on “Mercedes Museum Stuttgart

  1. Some cool cars! And the light on those cars is tremendous for your photographs!

    It is great to organise events for international friends and colleagues. Showing them around is giving yourself the opportunity to look at the your city from a new angle.

    Haha, and yeah, driving a F1 car apparently is very challenging ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cool to see some work of your city!

    Warm regards,

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