A New Photography Experience

Rhubarb Syrup 01 CEarlier this month I got together with  my camera, equipment & photography consultant M who said he wanted to do a food photo shoot together for my food blogs. If you’ve already been to my food blogs, don’t bother reading on here. You can scroll straight down to the pics, though.Rhubarb Syrup 03 COn a Saturday morning he brought over his full format DSLR, flash, softbox, and reflector, and we both took pictures with our respective cameras. Rhubarb Syrup 04 CTwo people taking pictures under the same conditions, both used to working a certain way, looking at a subject differently, shooting from different angles and perspectives.

Rhubarb Tiramisu 03 CIt was a completely new experience for me, and while we worked I made a mental equipment wish list. The difference between a flash and no flash… oh man…When I did my next food shoot by myself, I was rather disappointed with the results.

Rhubarb Tiramisu 01 CM offered me his pictures to use in my food posts (which you can find here and here, if you’re interested), and I decided to show mine here on the photoblog. These pictures are autocorrected, and I used an AltaLux filter.

What you see is rhubarb syrup and rhubarb tiramisu, in case you were wondering…
Rhubarb Tiramisu 02 C


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