Friday Flowers

Nemesia 01One of my window boxes on the balcony contains nemesia. Their German name is much nicer, it’s Elfenspiegel, which means elfin mirror.

Nemesia 02I’d never seen nor heard of them before I picked up that seed catalogue in spring, just saw a picture and decided they’d fit this year’s theme, even though they’re red while most of the rest is varying shades of pink.

Nemesia 03I wasn’t disappointed. The seedlings made fast progress and quickly produced these lovely blossoms.

Nemesia 04I have some seeds left and will sow them next spring, this time in a pot of their own, though, as the phlox they are currently sharing a window box with are a bit larger than the nemesia and seem to be trying to outshine them by taking over their space.

Nemesia 05


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