SOSHave you ever gotten tangled up in your own scheme? I seem to have.

When I started this photoblog in February 2012, the only thing that I was sure of was that I wanted to use this theme I’m still using, Autofocus. Apart from that, I started posting pictures and thought I’d just see where it would go.

Over time, I joined the Wordless Wednesday crowd, then had the idea for Tuesday Triptychs, Tuesday Tunes and Friday Flowers. Apart from that, my other posts all seem to have themes or specific subjects, like when I go on a photo tour with friends, or on vacation. I realised after a while that I was restricting myself somehow, but at that point I was still OK with it.

So I have this folder full of random pictures that I like but that don’t fit any of this blog’s categories. I seem to have gotten entangled in this web of categories – a totally self-made web, of course – and now I need to find a way out of it. These pictures I’m talking about – I wouldn’t have a heading or title for them, nor would I want to post any text with them, so I was thinking of naming those posts Randomness. Which would totally defy the purpose, because I’d have created another category.

Also along the way, I discovered the concept of 365 photo blogs, where you post a picture a day. I was thinking of doing that, but it wouldn’t fit into the overall concept of this blog. The alternative would be to start yet another photoblog for that purpose.

Are you still with me at this point? Or are you doubting my sanity? As you can see, I need help here, so does anyone have an idea how to go about this? Do you post pictures without any kind of heading or title? Would anyone care about that apart from myself? Would it really be worth starting another blog for it?

I’d truly appreciate any comments and advice!


4 thoughts on “S.O.S.

  1. It is all too easy to become entangled in themes and best way is to break the bounds and post what you want when – justt thinking of an interesting title can be stimulating. p.s. I too have a collection of images that do not fit a category or even go together so as from next month I’m planning to do a 1st Monday gallery post called Mop Up Mondays šŸ˜‰

    • Mop Up Monday – sounds like an interesting category :-D. I’ll keep an eye out for that to see what kinds of pics you put up. And you’re right, thinking of titles is stimulating. Thanks for your comment, Laura!

  2. Totally agree with Laura. Post them. Photos don’t have to fit or slot into a theme. And creating randomness would only be another category if those photos are posted on a set day of the week.
    – Isn’t 365 an actual photo taken on the day?

    • Thank you! And yes, 365 is supposed to be a photo taken on the actual day you post, but I was thinking of something similar because no way would I manage to do that. But I’ve discarded that idea already so I guess I’ll go with just posting as both Laura and you suggested, no matter if there’s a title or not.

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