Friday Flowers

Hydrangea 01 2012I love hydrangeas, but I haven’t been too lucky keeping them alive. Last summer at game night, where you get to choose a prize, I picked and took home this beautiful specimen.

Hydrangea 03 2012It flourished and thrived until late autumn, which surprised and pleased me no end. But then winter came, and the question was whether to try to keep it alive or throw it out. My gardening friend said to chuck it.

Hydrangea 02 2012I couldn’t bring myself to do it, though, because there was nothing wrong with it, so I decided to bring it inside over winter and see whether I could manage to make it survive. Although it did survive, when I took it outside again in spring, it was very slow to produce leaves, and it didn’t look like it would blossom again. And then one day in early summer the first buds started to show.

Hydrangea 04 2013Boy, was I happy! Meanwhile it’s produced quite a few buds and seems to be thriving. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’ll get back to its former glory, and that I can make it survive another year.


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