Friday Flowers

Daisies 01Why is it that as children we love daisies – I’m speaking for the girls here, not the boys – but later in life think they’re too simple, just something growing among the grass. Certainly not something we’d put in a little vase on the dinner table…

Daisies 02Even though I haven’t made a daisy chain in decades, I still think they’re cute. These particular ones were found in the gardens of Ludwigsburg Residential Palace. I was actually aiming the camera at a fountain, considering kneeling down, when I noticed the daisies.

Daisies 03I think you’re not actually supposed to step on the lawns. But once the daisies caught my attention, I decided to just go ahead. There weren’t any signs not to. Also, no dogs are allowed on the grounds, so I knew I wouldn’t step into any surprises there… And once I actually lay in the grass to get a closer shot, I got over any awkwardness or feeling like I was doing something I shouldn’t be.

Daisies 04


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