A Foray Into Stuttgart-Süd

After not having been able to meet for one of our photo tours these last two months, my friend E and I finally met up this Saturday. We chose Stuttgart-Süd as our destination, as it’s a multicultural area that – in passing through – seemed to have an abundance of photo opportunities.

As it happened, we didn’t get to see as much as we’d planned, because when faced by the decision turn left or right on our arrival we turned left and stumbled upon a beer festival, organised by our local brewery. You could walk onto the top floor of one of their brewery buildings, where they had music playing, food stalls, and fun activities for both adults and children. They also offered a tour of the brewery, which we were tempted to take because I’m sure there would have been plenty more photo opportunities, but the weather was fantastic that day, so we opted to go back outside instead.

The gallery below shows a mix of Stuttgart-Süd and the brewery festival. We already decided we needed to go back to Stuttgart-Süd to see all the rest, though.

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