Ode To A Car

A few months ago in my Mercedes Museum post I said that I’m not at all into cars. I have to retract that statement, at least in part. While it’s true that all I need in a car is for it to be reliable and get me from point A to B and run for about 10 years, there is one particular car that I ooooh and aaaaah over. The Ford Mustang.

It started with a business trip to the US three years ago. I was waiting for my colleagues to pick up our rental car, and I couldn’t believe it when they returned with a Mustang. I was totally hooked from the first moment I saw the thing sitting in its parking space. I can’t even tell you exactly what it is about this car, but it makes my heart beat faster. I don’t even need to drive it – riding shotgun or just looking at it is enough. I’m sure lots of people out there will know what I’m talking about, both men and women.

It so happened we had a fantastically sunny day this week which was a public holiday to boot, so I had a day off. I went out with one of my photo buddies, and we happened upon these two Mustangs. We started clicking right away. An older gentleman who was also taking pictures of those cars approached me saying he was surprised to see a woman interested in a car. He also assumed my photo buddy was my husband, so I guess there was a lot of assuming going on with this man. Despite the running commentary going on in my head, I was an example of friendliness :-). It was a sunny day, after all, and I was looking at two beauties.


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