Tuesday Triptych: Autumn Forest Walk

Triptych Forest WalkAs you can see I’ve somewhat gotten over my reluctance to photograph people. In Germany the law is that you need to ask someone before you take their picture, and as I’m someone who doesn’t want her picture taken by strangers either, I’m all for that law, especially if the picture might end up on the internet.

The more time I spend behind the camera, though, the more intriguing I find taking people pictures. Since attending the photo workshop I’ve become slightly more unscrupulous, daring myself to just do it! , and telling myself that people will let me know if it’s not OK to take their picture.

Anyway, in these pictures the focus is more on the autumn leaves, the woman just happened to come along and I decided to take advantage.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Triptych: Autumn Forest Walk

  1. I’ve had this dilemna especially as tourists pop into focus much of the time. Laws on privacy are not well defined in the UK and would be hard to enforce – discretion is the best policy. I too dislike being the other side of the camera but people are fascinating. The walker makes your triptych so much more interesting

    • Thanks Laura, I also think the walker makes it more interesting, that’s why I decided to go for it. As for privacy laws – I get the impression not many people care about them, pointing their iphones everywhere around you and at you all the time. So I decided to be one of those people for once :-). Just for the sake of art of course…

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