Saturday before last I decided I needed to get out of the house, and seeing as Heidelberg is only about an hours’ drive from Stuttgart, that’s where I decided to go. The weather was supposed to be nice, but sadly the weather guys seemed to have gotten Saturday and Sunday mixed up and it was very overcast that day. My friend E  joined me spontaneously bringing different lenses, and we had a good day. (Actually, on a side note, I should say one of my E friends because all 3 of my photo buddies’ names start with E…). Arriving in Heidelberg we were wondering what people were going to wear in winter because they were already dressed in puffa jackets, scarves and gloves. Later on I wished I was wearing the same because it was only 4°C and I was freezing my butt and my hands off. Note to self: Buy fingerless gloves so my hands will keep warm but I’ll be able to operate the camera buttons… Heidelberg is a tourist city, and people don’t look at you strangely when you point your camera at anything and everything as you’ll be one of many doing so. I was hovering around a flower stall trying to get a picture of a guy choosing flowers. I got my lucky shot when he looked up and happened to be smiling. I tried to pretend I’d taken a picture of something in his general direction but was still expecting him to come over and tell me off, what with the privacy laws I told you about the other day. I was a happy bunny, though, when he didn’t. As with my Hamburg post last month, you won’t really find many things that are typical for or unique to Heidelberg in the gallery below. I just clicked away, switching between my 60mm micro and 105 mm macro lenses, as well as my friend’s 80-200 mm tele lens. Post-editing phobic that I am, I let myself be persuaded by said friend to finally try the Nikon ViewNX2 editing program. Apart from the sharpening and D-Lighting HS feature, I’m not sure I like it that much, though. See for yourself – gallery opens by clicking on any one pic.


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