Tuesday Triptych: Roasted Chestnuts

Triptych Roasted ChestnutsI saw this stall in Heidelberg and it made for a great photography subject as none of the other stalls I’d ever seen displayed the chestnuts with their hulls or husks still on.

I LOOOVE roasted chestnuts. Just not this time of the year…they’ve got a Christmassy connotation for me, and it had only just turned autumn, so I resisted.

Every Christmas market I go to, though, I try to buy a bag full, so that’s something to look forward to.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Triptych: Roasted Chestnuts

    • Thank you, Laura! I found the chestnuts that were still in their husks pretty tantalising and was itching to touch them. But I didn’t want to risk being told off by the stall owner đŸ™‚

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