November Challenge # 1: Surprises

I know, I’ve already posted today, but my friend E challenged me to participate in a photo challenge. So here we go. I’ll be posting those challenge pics on my own blog only. If you’re interested in the Capture Your 365 November challenge list, you’ll find it here.

Today’s subject is surprises. Plural. It happens I had two surprises, one good and one bad.

The nice surprise: I received a wine delivery and with it came a complimentary bottle of vino frizzante.

2013-11-01 Surprises IThe other surprise: After cancelling my planned dinner because two people had to cancel due to illness earlier in the week, the other two and me decided on short notice they would still come, after all. I added my sister to the guest list and was looking forward to a nice evening. Only to find out earlier today that my sister had completely forgotten about the dinner and made other plans. Not so nice surprise, but that’s family for you… I’ll probably get over it with a bottle of vino frizzante ;-).

I translated this into a picture with my dinner table set for only three, which looks decidedly weird and unsymmetrical to me.

2013-11-01 Surprises II


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