December Challenge # 26: Reckless

2013-12-26 RecklessIf you’re raising an eyebrow or two thinking what exactly might be reckless about these pictures, let me explain.

Except when I’m driving, I’m not a reckless person. And when I’m driving I’m not reckless enough to take a picture for a challenge while doing so.

So today I have two pictures that are somewhat reckless for me, and two somewhat reckless pictures add up to a completely reckless one 🙂 .

A couple of weeks ago I was in my friend’s basement looking for photo opportunities. I saw this beautiful gilded mirror leaning against the wall, and it came about up to slightly above my knees.

I bent down sideways to look in the mirror, raised my camera, clicked… and thought how stupid – or reckless – that was. Because I was alone down in the basement, and I suffer from vertigo but still thought I should do this. And the picture’s not even good.

Then the other day I remembered I bought some orange tights last winter and decided to wear them again, because dressed all in black with orange tights would look cool. It did, sort of. Only when I waited for the elevator and looked down I noticed I had my bright pink handbag with me, because I’d forgotten to move the contents to a black one. My friend commented “YOU went out with orange tights and a pink handbag!?” So – pretty reckless choice of clothing for me.


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