January Challenge # 4: A Little Bit*

2014-01-04 A Little Bit*Today is one of the double prompt days, the first one being A Little Bit, and the other being Self Portrait. As I prefer being behind the camera, I’m afraid this is all I can give you today…


5 thoughts on “January Challenge # 4: A Little Bit*

  1. I did a little project of self portraits a while back to make my self get in front of the camera more – it was one of the most challenging projects I’ve done as I just didn’t like to be seen! However, by the end I’d actually started to enjoy it, although I also realised that a self portrait can be anything you want – it doesn’t have to show a face 🙂

    • Hi Helen, to me it’s also that I think partial shots can often be more interesting. Also, there are so many – I know I might make enemies saying this… – people out there posting their selfies, most of them taken with their phones, and almost all of them (at least to me) boring and uninteresting. It also has a bit of a connotation of vanity to me. Although while typing this I just realised before pressing the button that there’s the selfie, and then there’s the self portrait – which I guess says it all. Still, if more self portrait challenges appear on the list in the future, I’ll make sure to stick to partials 🙂 .

      Oh, and I just looked at your website – I love your pictures! I really enjoy looking at your style, and maybe I’ll learn something!!

      • Thank you 🙂 Yes agreed that partial shots can be more interesting – there’s a bit more mystery about them 🙂 There is definitely a difference between the selfie and the self portrait! Good luck with your photos. I’ll enjoy following along!

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