January Challenge # 9: Where I Stand

2014-01-09 Where I StandToday’s another double prompt day: The Where I Stand is to be taken literally.

This prompt almost caused early morning misery. Technically I’m on my third week of Xmas vacation, but then I got this really bad cold and I’m now on sick leave. Because of that I decided not to wander around outside today looking for a good place to take a picture for the challenge.

Then I remembered I had this – hope I’m not going to destroy any notions that I have a beautiful lawn on my terrace – piece of fake grass, and so I decided to stand on that. Downloaded the picture and got a severe case of OMG! I have ugly toes! So I took the same picture with shoes on, but it just didn’t give off the same vibe. And I decided to run with this one.

I calmed myself down with thoughts of Who the hell cares about my toes!?Β and the thought that luckily this challenge is Where I Stand and not Where I Sit. The horrors that could have caused…




6 thoughts on “January Challenge # 9: Where I Stand

  1. I lol’d at your last sentence! Good thing, I agree. And I don’t see a thing wrong with your toesies! I agree that bare feet go better with grass…Reminds me of summer πŸ™‚

    • I know, one can get quite paranoid about one’s body parts πŸ™‚ You’re not very far off with your summer remark as today we’ve got another beautiful spring-like day full of sunshine (although way too warm for the season, but I’ll take that….)!

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