January Challenge # 26: Vivid

2014-01-26 VividTwo double-prompt days in a row – today it’s vivid plus take a picture with your phone.

So today I need to get everything off my chest that I refrained from saying yesterday. This last week of challenges is really frustrating for me. I realise I’m not applying anything at all that I know about photography. It’s all about rush jobs and making sure I don’t skip a challenge just because I don’t find the opportunities.

I don’t have a smartphone, mine is quite an old model camera phone, and I did try to snap a picture with it but it was rather pointless. So I told my photo friend and colleague E at work that I’d need to borrow his phone for a picture. The day I did he happened to lug around his new snowboarding backpack which – as you can see above – is quite a vivid colour. So I commandeered that from him as well. But get an interesting picture out of it? No, sorry… Can you tell I feel a bit deflated? It’s 5 more days to go this month, and I don’t even have the slightest idea for most of them. The good thing is I’m still looking forward to the February list. It can only get better.

Rant over. 🙂


2 thoughts on “January Challenge # 26: Vivid

  1. It seems we are all in a bit of a rush to snap whatever pics we can just to meet the daily requirement. It’s hard to apply the prompts when we have so much going on during the day. I understand how you are feeling and I am often jealous of the 365’s I see others post that don’t have a prompt, they are beautiful and simple and look well thought out. But the one thing that the prompts do encourage me to do is to look at an object differently than I would normally. How would I compose a shot that is at least post worthy? I like the detail you captured here and the colors are very vivid. The yellow letters look almost sponge-y this close up, something I probably wouldn’t have noticed before. Hang in there, you are doing great! It can only get easier and better with time 🙂

    • Thank you very much! I, too, hope it’ll get easier and better with time, and hopefully the turning of a prompt into an acceptable picture will come more naturally as well. I just said to a friend today that all I’ve been capturing this month seem to be things for the challenge. I really have to get my stuff together if I want to accomplish a “month in pics” for January…

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