A Little Postcard Project

When I visited friends in Hamburg last year, I took quite a lot of pictures of their hometown. Later that month I bought a little Canon Selphy postcard printer that I’d seen at a photography workshop and liked instantly.

Postcard Book 02
The other day I had the idea to make a little postcard booklet. On browsing through  my photo archive, I decided to make one of the Hamburg pictures and gift it to my friends.

Postcard Book 01In picmonkey I created a picture that contained only the postcard lettering and the place stamp here icon that you can see below. I printed those on labels that looked about the same size as the postcards.

Postcard Book 03The labels turned out not to be the exact size of the postcards, so I had to cut a little bit off on the bottom of each label. Then I stuck a label on the back of each postcard. Note to self: next time create a frame around the label that’s the exact size of the postcard instead of having to use a box cutter to do the fine tuning…

Postcard Book 04As you can see, this did not turn out perfect, but I felt it was a good start. The taping didn’t look as professional as I would have liked, and I only had a mixed assortment of maki tape, so I’ll probably be on the lookout for some neutral coloured ones. Now that I know what I’d do differently next time, though, I’m looking forward to making an improved version.

Postcard Book 05This one went in the mail today, so I’ll be looking forward to hearing from my friends. As an afterthought, I should probably have added a booklet of stamps to the package…


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