Carnival In Freudenstadt

Today being Shrove Tuesday with a lot of shops closed in the afternoon – and a lot of non-carnival minded people being miffed that this tradition is still being adhered to – so people can attend all the parades, I thought I’d show you my yield of carnival pictures.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not a fan of carnival at all, but my photo buddy said she’d like to go to a parade for one of our photo outings. So I did some research to find us a fairly large parade, and the one I found happened to be in Freudenstadt.

There are many different carnival traditions, and like many in the South the one we attended had a multitude of different witch and ogre costumed groups. The little children weren’t always as amused about those as the grown-ups. That was mostly remedied by the candy-throwing tradition, though.

Regarding my photos – I was very, very uninspired that day. My friend managed to hop onto the little traffic island in the middle of the street, kneeling to get a good perspective of the parade coming down the street. I was hesitant – because at those kinds of parades you’re in danger of getting drawn in, have your face painted, and get thrown over one of the participant’s shoulders and carried off – and decided to stay by the roadside. This didn’t make for good angles or perspectives, but you’ll get the gist of what was going on…


5 thoughts on “Carnival In Freudenstadt

    • Thank you šŸ™‚ And no, I didn’t dress up. Haven’t since I was a child, although walking past the carnival costumes at the supermarket these last weeks I admit I was tempted to at least by smome wildly coloured wig or something. Couldn’t get myself to do it, though. Tonight at the supermarket I walked past the display again to see – with carnival being over after tonight – if they were selling anything good at half price, but all the wigs were gone already. That’ll teach me for next year…

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