Maulbronn Monastery – Part II

This second part of our trip to Maulbronn shows the inside of the monastery. Most of this centuries-old building was quite magnificent. Ceiling structures, ceiling paintings, the light coming in through the huge old windows, and the beautiful well. There was some renovation going on in the nave of the cathedral part but it still left you impressed.

The resident cat made an appearance as well. These creatures seem to be drawn to people who are allergic, and this one had fun leaving her fur on my clothes. Partly my own fault, of course, for deciding taking pictures would be worth removing all the cat hair afterwards.

Click on first pic to open gallery


4 thoughts on “Maulbronn Monastery – Part II

  1. This set of photos and the other set are both beautiful. I like the combination of architecture shots with ones of the pews and Bible. And, of course, the cat!

    • Thank you, Kerry! Yes, that cat… I’ve got a bunch of close-ups that I might post separately. It’s rare for me to come in contact with animals, and when I do it’s usually not this close, or they’re not exactly willing to pose for the camera πŸ™‚

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