2014 April In Pictures

In April I got much more joy out of my camera than I did the past couple of months. As you can see, there’s more plants in my collection this time, and I also found pleasure again in snapping the little mundane things both around the house and outside. Typically for April, we’ve had both sun and rain, but the beautiful sunny days won out.

I got the balcony back in shape and planted the seedlings I’d been growing since the beginning of the month.
I cleared out my recipe basket – twice; the pile you’ll find in the pic collection below was the second one, and when I was done only about a 2 cm pile was left.
I cold-bloodedly took pictures of people without asking their permission.
I went on eye-level with my dishwasher, something I’d never thought of doing before.

How was April for you? Or are you glad it’s over and looking forward to what May might bring?

Click on the first pic to open gallery

10 thoughts on “2014 April In Pictures

  1. Lovely set – I find so much pleasure in photographing every day things 🙂 I love April because I love the anticipation of spring and summer ahead!

    • Thank you, Helen! The last two months I actually struggled to get enough pictures together to portray the month, but now with spring in full session it’s so much more fun. Come summer, I’ll probably have too many pics to choose from 🙂

    • Thank you, Kerry, it makes me happy to hear that! And you’re right about the weather, although the last two days were terrible with rain almost all day long here…

    • Thank you very much! I quite like this month’s mix, too, with bits of pink popping up inbetween (although that wasn’t intentional).

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