A Late Night Snack…

…of sugared strawberries. Not that they needed the sugar, being sweet Sicilian strawberries, I just wanted to use it anyway. Nor did I really need a sugar high, because I felt like I’d already been on one that day – had the family over for lunch, got into a heated discussion with my sister, then totally lost it and shouted at her, calling her a dumb nut… I know, I know… terrible!

From the corner of my eye I could see my parents sitting there, completely baffled at first as to what had come over me (I honestly didn’t know myself), then they could hardly hide their laughter. Of course, I made up with my sister later on, she said she’d been thinking “dumb nut?? WTF!?” and had hardly been able to hide her laughter, too, but thought it would enrage me even more (rightly so!), and we ended up laughing about the whole thing together.

Nothing happened, though after the sweet snack. I’m still perfectly normal. For the time being 🙂 .

Late Night Snack Strawberries alt


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