Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

Weekly Photo Challenge - On The MoveThis is not a week where I’ll be on the move much, nor will I have the opportunity to snap a picture of other people or things on the move.

So I thought I’d have to skip this week’s challenge until I saw this little critter on the move. I was brushing my teeth when I noticed movement from the corner of my eye. This little spider was moving up my cosmetics basket, and I was dithering whether I should run and grab the camera or not. Because if there’s one thing I detest more than detecting creepy-crawlies in my vicinity, it’s seeing them and then losing track of them. Who knows where they’ll crawl just to come out later when you’ve forgotten all about them and scare you. I’m shivering as I type thinking about this thing finding its way into my hair as I lie in a bubble bath. Luckily that won’t happen. Don’t ask…

Click here to see other people & things on the move.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

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