Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art

Weekly Photo Challenge - Work Of Art
Who would’ve thought I’d be posting another insect for WPC? Certainly not me. However, it seems like the critters have declared May to be Let’s Meet At Kiki’s month.

I walked into the kitchen one evening last week and saw a big black lump clinging to the window frame. Getting closer, I realised it was a hornet. *shudder* It wouldn’t budge, banging on the window from inside didn’t get its attention either. So definitely no opening the window overnight.

The next morning it still clung there, so I decided to try a friendly knock on the window. Result! It seemed to slowly wake up, stretching a little and doing some kind of morning routine. Then it plopped down on the window sill, and I got my camera while the hornet apparently found breakfast on the sill.

I only downloaded the pictures today, and I was amazed. Hadn’t really thought I’d gotten any good shots. Looking at the cropped versions, though, I had to concede that even though my feelings towards that hornet were definitely negative, watching it in motion – safely behind glass – was amazing. Muscles moving, the little feelers moving around, and those fragile looking, delicate wings. Nature’s work of art.

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